Shaoyang University

Shaoyang University is a provincial public college in Shaoyang, Hunan, China.

The roots of this public college in China stretch back to 1958, when it first sprouted as two separate institutions - a teachers college and a general college. These institutions served as the foundation for decades, nurturing future educators and providing a broad academic base. In 2002, a landmark merger took place, combining the strengths of both colleges to create a more robust institution. This marked a significant turning point, solidifying the college's academic offerings and fostering a more comprehensive learning environment. The story doesn't end there. In 2016, another chapter unfolded with the integration of a prestigious medical college. This addition wasn't just about expanding the college's size; it marked a significant infusion of medical expertise. The medical college's legacy stretched all the way back to 1906, bringing a wealth of experience and a long-standing reputation for excellence in healthcare education. This merger further enriched the academic landscape of the college, creating a unique environment where students could pursue studies in various fields, from education and humanities to the intricate world of medicine. 

Throughout its evolution, the college has fostered a vibrant campus life. It's a place where students can delve into their chosen disciplines, but it's also a space brimming with opportunities for extracurricular activities and social interaction. This nurturing environment allows students to explore their interests, build lasting friendships, and develop into well-rounded individuals.

The college's motto, "Being enlightened, seeking truth, coexisting and surpassing," serves as a guiding light. It emphasizes intellectual growth ("Being enlightened") and a relentless pursuit of knowledge ("Seeking truth"). Collaboration and community are central tenets ("Coexisting"), while "Surpassing" underscores the college's unwavering commitment to excellence and pushing the boundaries of knowledge. Looking towards the horizon, the college aspires to become a beacon of academic excellence. It envisions not just producing scholars, but well-rounded individuals equipped with the knowledge and skills to make a positive impact on the world. By embracing its rich history and core values, the college strives for a future filled with groundbreaking research, collaborative learning, and a deep commitment to serving society.

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University Name Shaoyang University
Name in Local Language 邵阳学院


The university is located in Shaoyang, Hunan Province. Find the address of the university below.

Address Shaoyang, Hunan Province, China


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Website Shaoyang University Website

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Student Body Men and Women

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