Admission and Visa Process to Study in Germany

The German education system believes in top quality research and study. Although most of the institutions here for higher education are provided funds by the state, education is subsided. The fees in German universities may range from 400-500 Euros per year for outsiders. The small fees structure may have the lowest of 170 Euros to a highest of 700Euros. The German study system has a heritage of providing 300 international degree programs. They are in full English or partly in German. Most of the common courses include engineering, business, computer science etc.

The degrees that can be completed here in Germany are Bachelor, Master, Diploma and PhD. The Universities will mostly accept the achievements that come under the students national boundaries. But there are variations for each and every university as far as the rules and regulations for such an acceptance are concerned. The education procedure is simple. The Universities here start their education courses in April and October. The first step for education is to apply for an admission letter. This can be done at your native country. After this step and when you have your admission application duly recognized, the next step is to see whether your education qualifications match up the requirements of the course you are going to join. Students will need all the necessary documents of the courses completed before.

Third and the main step is that you should have profound knowledge of the German language. Lastly, you should contact respective university officials to know about the additional requirements, if any besides the ones suggested above. But to apply for any German university, you will first need a visa.

There are numerous things which you will have to complete for getting a visa. It has been observed internationally that German visas take much more time and are much tougher to obtain as compared to many other countries. It may take up to 3 months for getting the visa for Germany. Therefore it is recommended that you start the visa preparations 3 months before the scheduled travel. A German bank account is required before going for a visa. This can be done by a trusted agent.

The visa for higher education in outer countries is known as “Student Application Visa”. Thus the first step is to apply for the same. For that you will require a valid passport. A couple of passport photos are also an equally important requirement. As suggested above, you will require a proof that you are eligible to study in Germany, i.e.:- the previous education completion documents. You must have approximately 7750 Euro in your German account. This has another option of a sponsorship certificate. Any of the above conditions is to be fulfilled. A letter of admission from the decided university is required for the visa. The application form for getting the German visa must be duly and correctly filled before submission. Students must possess a German language proficiency certificate. They can also have an invitation to study a German language her in Germany.

The above conditions are strictly to be completed if you want to fulfill your dreams of education in Germany. You may find a list of all universities in Germany in this website.


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