Opportunities for Foreign Students to Study in UK

The figure of students migrating from various countries to UK for studies has increased tremendously. The British Council has put the number of foreign students presently pursuing studies in UK at different academic levels is nearly one million, where two-fifths are post graduate students from various foreign countries. Pursuing studies at the universities in UK, instead of other comparable colleges and universities in other countries, remains the first choice of many overseas students. The reason been the opportunities provided for foreign students to study in UK.

UK colleges and universities are constantly evaluated by highly professional bodies to make sure that the research, teaching and the facilities provided are of the highest standards. More specific to the point, a UK graduate studies teaches international students a way of independent thinking, creativeness with ideas and most important to teach "thinking out of the box".

Universities in UK also offer well-known value for money. Many undergraduate degree programmes, for instance, are usually spread over three instead of four years, whereas master's degree programmes are specially designed to be finished in one year. This program structure makes them very cost-effective if compared to similar programs in other countries. Even various scholarships and different forms of financial aid offered to the foreign students make it possible for them to enter institutions. Personal support in getting access to such kind of assistance, overseen by extremely trained university administration staffs, enables many international students to navigate that thicket of qualifications which sometimes dishearten them from pursuing this important source of financial help.

Additionally, admittance to government-funded health care greatly contributes to the monetary advantages of studying in the Country. Students in any of the full-time course in Scotland and in courses with duration of least six months in Wales, England, or Northern Ireland are permitted for free health treatment from the British National Health Service.

Other advantage of studying in the UK is that students can, if they wish or must, work while they are pursuing their studies. As they are from outside the EU, many students who are enrolled is a course longer than six months can work for about 20 hours a week during term time and can work full-time during the holidays. Students who need addition to their finances to live and to study abroad will be very happy to know that finding a part-time job work is quite easy to find.

The UK even offers an exclusive variety of undergraduate and postgraduate academic settings. In addition to the colleges and universities ensconced within UK’s bustling, dynamic cities - which comprise more places than London, though the capital is best for its cultural, academic, and other offerings – students have a choice to study on purpose-built countryside campuses, more often in areas of particular natural beauty. While few international students want the course as well as the prestige of Britain's famous, seats of higher education, while others go for more modern, state-of-the-art colleges and universities that have sprung up across the country, with definite academic specialisations, offering a wide range of post-graduate courses.


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