Opportunities in Japan for International Students

Japan is a land flowing with academic milk and honey. One of the prominent centers for the pursuit of academic excellence. If you are searching for a country where you will hone your skills and talents, then you don’t have to search anymore. Japan is the answer any time any day.  Besides being developed in technological terms, she is also rich in educational life. This is the reason why people enjoy living here.

Every year, more than 150,000 foreign students study in Japan. Universities and colleges provide great facilities, high-tech resources, and academic standards for students.

Japan is a booming nation, courtesy of her education sector. The entire country is wealthy, safe, and welcoming for exploits. While studying, you have the right to move and mingle with people.

Japanese universities are highly respected in Asia. When you are studying here, you will have more advanced knowledge than others who are studying in other parts of the world. There are graduate schools, professional training colleges, colleges of technology, colleges, and junior colleges where you can hone your skills.

Amazingly, there are more than 600 universities in Japan, and some of them are private. This is a country that values the importance of education, and to study very well, you need to be proficient in the English language.

Most universities out of their magnanimity provide lots of scholarships for foreign students, this can go miles in helping them reduce tuition fees and higher cost of living.

The cities in Japan are an exciting metropolis, busy and beautifully made. There are so many opportunities for tourists, and mostly for students who wish to live here after their academic sojourn. Japan is really an exciting, multi-faceted, and beautiful place to be.

Major Subjects that Attract International Students

Japan is a technologically advanced country. If you wish to be proficient in engineering, technology, medicine, applied sciences, pharmacy, philosophy, information technology, computer science, Religion, education, History, Geography, physics, etc.,  needless to tell you that this is the right country to study.

All these and many more are subjects that attract thousands of students from virtually all parts of the world every year. If you browse through the internet, you will be amazed at the volume of reviews left by previous students.

Visa Matters

If you will be studying for a short time, then you will be given a tourist visa. You will be given a student Visa if you will be staying for six months upwards. To obtain a student visa, an educational institution must sponsor you.

Student visa holders are prohibited from engaging themselves in paid activities unless they get the express permission of the immigration office and the school, and there is a limited number of hours they will work per day. You will be penalized if you work more than 20 hours per week.

Part-time Job Opportunities

Foreign students can sustain themselves with menial jobs in petrol stations, call centers, restaurants, hospitals, manufacturing companies, etc. If you are studying a professional course, you may get work in your related field of study. 


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