Opportunities in Malaysia for International Students

Malaysia got its independence on 31st August 1957, and since then they have experienced rapid infrastructural development and steady economic progression. She has a massive education system and hereby contributes to the advancement of the global economy.

Every student is entitled to freedom of worship, and the Malaysian constitution approves English as an official language that can be used in schools and in society. The cost of living in Malaysia is affordable, so you won’t have any issues as a foreign student.

Transportation is provided to all the neighboring cities at highly reduced rates. Kuala Lumpur is the economic hub of this amazing country- an attractive city with awe-inspiring shopping complexes, financial centers, modern hotels, resorts, and architecture.

Student Life

Irrespective of what you are studying, or the duration of your degree, you will gain lots of facilities in your chosen institution. This includes an extensive library, convenience stores, 24- hour computer access, state-of-the-art laboratories, a sports complex, a fitness center, a café, a bookshop, tennis courts, a swimming pool, a health center, a student Association complex, and so on. Nightlife in Malaysia is a beautiful and precious thing. You will truly treasure it. This country has so many beautiful tourist attraction areas for your viewing pleasure.


Residential apartments are available both on and off campus for foreign students. Both citizens and international students pay almost the same amount of money for the available accommodation in most universities and research institutes.

Major Subjects that Attract International Students

• Medicine
• Pharmacy
• Global leadership
• Entrepreneurial studies
• Law
• Foreign languages
• International Relations
• Engineering
• Biology
• Pharmacology
• Dentistry
• Theatre arts
• Philosophy
• Economics and so on

Job Opportunities

The law empowers foreign students to work in restaurants, mini markets, petrol stations, and hotels, but you will need to obtain permission; the permission to work will be endorsed on your passport. Therefore, before you will be employed, the company must view your passport.

If you are working, the institution will forward your name and place of work to the Immigration Department every three months.

Keep in mind that you are not allowed to work more than 20 hours per week. Your permission to work will be extended or renewed if you maintain high ethical and academic performance in your institution.

Admission and Visa Process

To study, live and work in Malaysia, a visa application is necessary. The government has simplified the process to enable you to enjoy its benefits. To apply, you don’t have to go to the Malaysian mission in your country, apart from intending students from the Peoples' Republic of China. You will get the visa at the immigration checkpoint upon your arrival.

Everything including the issuance of student visa passes, or renewals plus fees will be done at the stipulated state immigration offices. Do not enter this country illegally, defaulters will be highly penalized. Best wishes!


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