Scholarships in Italy for Higher Education

All foreign students receive the same equal rights as Italian students, both on the basis of student loans, scholarships, sports, extracurricular activities, grants, bursaries, counseling, fee waivers, refectory meal tickets, and housing assistance.

To be on safe ground, contact the school you intend to study or you are studying to know the available options that await you. Enjoy the rich academic opportunities in this country. The government of Italy is working round the clock to ensure foreign students get the best academic standards.

Government Scholarships

The demand for scholarships is higher than the supply, so try and apply on time, to increase your chances of being selected. Italian government bursaries are the only well-known scholarship option for international students.

This assists both foreigners studying in Italy and Italian residents abroad to study with ease, no matter what your field of study is.  This program is championed by the Italian ministry of foreign affairs and is mainly eligible for those that are proficient in the Italian language.

Special preference may be given to those that have a beginner’s knowledge of Italian, but this happens only in rare cases.

Top University Scholarships

The following approved/accredited institutions help the governments in offering grants, awards, and bursaries to deserving students:


Other Awards and Loans

Getting a loan, bursaries, and a scholarship is a wonderful thing. These are gifts that are given to you freely by either the government, the individual, the school you are studying, or international organizations.

As a student, you are entitled to a study grant if you meet the criteria, such as passing the brief language program. If you fail to pass the required examinations, you will not be able to benefit from the largesse.

If you are pursuing a degree program, you can submit your grant applications to more than one school, so that if you fail to get one, you may get the other.

If you are applying for a grant for a Master’s, you need to be aware of the impending risks, keep in mind that you may lose the grant benefit if the Master's course is annulled in that school for that year.

Grant recipients are given either monthly or quarterly allowances, except grants for one or two months’ courses. Payment will be made either to the school, who will now contact you, or the money will be paid directly to your account.

Students on loans or grants are exempted from university fees and other bills with the exception of medical and doctoral students.  Applicants are expected to contact the institution ahead of time and ascertain the details of their scholarship options. 


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