Top Countries in Europe for International Students

International students are set of skilled people, already experts in their area of interest. These are highly educated students. A lot of rankings and comparisons are done about various institutions, but the exact views will be given to you by a student. They are the ones who compare the universities and can assess the quality of education in the universities.

European universities have an outstanding reputation and some universities are among the top 100 universities in the world. They do not only offer the state of the art facilities but a high number of research opportunities. Europe has had a tradition of producing highly educated professionals for many centuries. Education in continental Europe is highly funded by the government. You can go through the university websites to check the fees of the top universities and will be surprised to see that they charge you a very less amount. European universities are cheap but an excellent option to study. According to the time ranking, the fees charged by European universities are 75% less than what an American university will charge. Apart from this, there are almost 15.6 billion euros worth of scholarships given to students every year.

European countries have diverse cultures, languages, and traditions. It is one of the greatest experiences for a student for his professional and personal growth. It makes a student ready for a global experience and a global work environment. Students can learn various languages like French and German. Do not forget the travel opportunities in Europe. Europe is one of the popular continents for students to migrate to every year for education.

Higher education in the countries like Sweden, Germany, France, and Denmark is the answer to the fast and growing enrollment in degree courses. Recent studies done by UNESCO’s Institute for Statistics proved the rise in the number of international students every year. Clearly, Asian students are ambitious for education abroad and are looking for the best choices available.

The top countries to study are:-

  • Sweden- Universities like Uppsala and Linkoping universities are the top destinations for international students. These universities boast the highest number of student participants along with a flexible and recognized approach towards the course for the best results. These universities are the popular choice for international students.
  • Germany- Freie Universitat in Berlin is one of the finest institutes for research and is internationally acclaimed for its academic excellence. This institute is the sixth most popular university in Europe and is listed as one of the tops in the world.
  • Switzerland-Federal Institute of Technology can give other universities tough competition in terms of higher education because it has ranked fourth in the Times Higher Education List in Europe.
  • Paris-Ecole Normale Superieure is ranking eighth on the Times Ranking list. This university produces 12 Nobel Prize laureates.
  • Netherland- Maastricht University is known for its innovative teaching technology, recognized research, and diverse student participation. More than half of the population is international.
  • France-Ecole Polytechnic prides itself on its degree courses in engineering.
  • Denmark- the University of Copenhagen, one of the oldest and largest is home to nearly 40,000 students. With 100 departments and research centers, the university is the best place to immerse yourself in education excellence.
  • Dublin- Trinity College has a history of more than 400 years of academic excellence and quality research techniques. The campus itself is one of the significant tourist attractions.
  • Amsterdam-University of Amsterdam has a culture of a rich history with modern education. One of the largest research universities in Europe.


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