Universities in Benin

Benin Benin, located in West Africa, has made significant progress in improving its education system in recent years. The country has a relatively young population, with over half of its residents under the age of 25, and education is a top priority for the government. Benin has a wide range of universities and higher education institutions that offer programs in fields such as business, engineering, law, medicine, and agriculture. These institutions aim to provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to contribute to the development of the country. However, access to higher education in Benin remains a challenge, particularly for students in rural areas and those from disadvantaged backgrounds. Despite this, the government has implemented various initiatives to increase access to education, including scholarship programs and the construction of new universities and schools.

Top 3 Universities of Benin - 2024

Following is a list of the 3 top universities in Benin ranked during 2024. Click on a university to find its detailed information.

Rank Name City
#1 University of Abomey-Calavi Cotonou
#2 University of Parakou Parakou
#3 École du Patrimoine Africain Porto-Novo

List of Universities in Benin

Following is a list of 32 universities in Benin. Click on a university to find its detailed information.

Name City
Adonaï Institute of Management Studies Cotonou
African School of Economics Cotonou
African University of Technology and Management Cotonou
Afriford University Benin Republic Cotonou
Ecole De Techniciens Superieurs Du Benin Cotonou
École du Patrimoine Africain Porto-Novo
École PIGIER Bénin Cotonou
École Supérieure de Génie Civil Verechaguine Cotonou
Ecole Supérieure des Ingenieurs Geometres Topographes Cotonou
Ecole Supérieure des Métiers des Energies Renouvelables Godomey
Ecole Superieure Sainte Felicite University Abomey-Calavi
ESEP Le Berger Universite Cotonou
ESPAM University Cotonou
High School of Commerce and Management Parakou
Higher Institute of Audiovisual Professions Cotonou
Higher School of Administration, Economics, Journalism and Audiovisual Professions Cotonou
Institut de Mathematiques et de Sciences Physiques Porto Novo Benin Porto-Novo
Institut Supérieur des Métiers de l’Audiovisuel Cotonou
Institut Supérieur des Sciences de l'Information et de la Communication Cotonou
Institut Supérieur Les Cours Sonou Cotonou
Institut Universitaire Panafricain Porto-Novo
Irgib Africa University Cotonou
ISCG University Cotonou
School of Management Benin Cotonou
St. Louis African University Miserete
The University Institute of Benin Cotonou
Université Nationale d'Agriculture Ketou
Université Nationale des Sciences Technologies Ingénierie et Mathématiques Abomey Abomey
Université Protestante de l'Afrique de l'Ouest UPAO Benin Porto-Novo
University of Abomey-Calavi Cotonou
University of Parakou Parakou
University of Science and Technology of Benin Cotonou

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