Hezhou University

Hezhou University is located in Babu, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, China.

This institution boasts a long and interesting history, with roots stretching back to 1943. Though its current name is relatively new, its commitment to education in the region has been unwavering for decades. While it may not have the prestige of some older universities, its experience in cultivating qualified professionals is substantial. The story begins in 1943 with the establishment of its predecessor. Back then, it wasn't yet a university, but it laid the groundwork for what it would become. 

Over the years, it underwent a period of development and finally received the official go-ahead from the Ministry of Education in 2006, transforming into the university it is today. This marked a significant milestone, solidifying its place in the region's higher education landscape. Following the establishment of the university, it continued to evolve. In 2013, it successfully passed a crucial assessment by the Ministry of Education, demonstrating its commitment to maintaining high standards in undergraduate education. This achievement further cemented its reputation as a quality educational institution.

The campus itself offers a picturesque environment for students. Lush greenery surrounds the buildings on both of its campuses, which together cover a significant area. This creates a tranquil atmosphere conducive to studying. The university's motto, "self-reliance, self-discipline, knowledge, truth-seeking," reflects its core values. It emphasizes the importance of students taking ownership of their education, developing strong personal character, and pursuing knowledge with a commitment to truth. 

Looking forward, the university aspires to build on its foundation. It aims to become a leader in applied technology education, while also fostering the development of a well-rounded curriculum that includes disciplines in education, literature, economics, and more. This focus on both practical skills and a broad knowledge base positions its graduates for success in the ever-evolving job market.

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University Name Hezhou University
Name in Local Language 贺州学院
Year Established 1943


The university is located in Babu, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. Find the address of the university below.

Address 147 Fanglin Road, Babu, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, China


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Phone +86 (774) 527 1890
Fax +86 (774) 522 8683
Website Hezhou University Website

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Student Body Men and Women

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