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The University of Zagreb (Croatian: Sveučilište u Zagrebu, Latin: Universitas Studiorum Zagrabiensis) is a public research university in Zagreb, Croatia. It is the largest Croatian university and one of the oldest continuously operating universities in Europe.

The history of the University of Zagreb dates back to 1632, when a Jesuit school of moral theology was founded in Zagreb. In 1669, the Holy Roman Emperor Leopold I issued a decree granting the school the status and privileges of a university. This made the University of Zagreb the oldest university in Croatia and one of the oldest in Central Europe.

The university was originally run by the Jesuits, but their rule was dissolved in 1773. After that, the university became a state institution and started to teach Law alongside Philosophy and Theology. It remained the main institution for educating the Croatian intelligentsia until the end of the nineteenth century.

In 1874, the modern University of Zagreb was officially established, with four faculties: Law, Theology, Philosophy, and Medicine. Over the next few decades, the university expanded rapidly, adding new faculties and programs. In 1919, after the First World War, Croatia became part of Yugoslavia. The University of Zagreb remained a state institution, but it was now under the control of the Yugoslav government.

During World War II, Croatia was occupied by the Axis powers. The University of Zagreb was closed and many of its professors and students were imprisoned or killed. After the war, the university reopened and began to rebuild. In 1949, Croatia became a constituent republic of Yugoslavia. The University of Zagreb continued to expand and develop during the Socialist era.

In 1991, Croatia declared its independence from Yugoslavia. The University of Zagreb remained a public institution and continued to play a leading role in Croatian education and research.

Today, the University of Zagreb is the largest university in Croatia and one of the most prestigious in Central Europe.

The University of Zagreb has played a significant role in Croatian history. It has educated many of the country's leaders, scientists, and artists. The university has also been a center of Croatian culture and identity for centuries.

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University Name University of Zagreb
Name in Local Language Sveucilište u Zagrebu
Acronym CRC
Year Established 1669


Address Trg. Maršala Tita 14, Zagreb, Grad Zagreb, Croatia
Phone +385 (1) 4564 111
Fax +385 (1) 4830 602
Website University of Zagreb Website
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