Universities in Venezuela

Venezuela Venezuela is one of the countries in the world, where you can pursue your academics. Approximately there are 90 universities, out of this number, 36 are private universities, while the rest are funded by the government. The government invests 35% of its annual budget to education. There are high numbers of international students. According to the available sources, over 65% of the university students came from the technologically advanced and wealthiest countries of the world. Also, the literacy rate is very high. Many Venezuela scientists are living in the United States. Upon graduation, you can live and work in this country- there are many job vacancies to be filled up.

Top 3 Universities of Venezuela

Following is a list of 3 top universities in Venezuela ranked during 2023. Click on a university to find its detailed information.

List of Universities in Venezuela

There are 38 universities found in Venezuela. Click on a university from the following list to find its detailed information.