Opportunities for Foreign Students to Study in the USA

If you are not from the USA and you want to study at one of the fine education programs, there are many different opportunities for foreign students to study in the USA. There are programs at the secondary and post-secondary levels.

Exchange Students

One of the most popular programs at the secondary level is the exchange student program. This program has been going on for many years at schools all over the United States. This is a program where students from the United States live and attend school in another country and students from other countries come to the United States to live and attend school. These students usually come to the United States when they are between 16 and 18, in grades 11 or 12.

The Uniqueness of Exchange Programs

What makes this program unique is that those students who travel to the United States and those who study in foreign countries actually live in the home of a native resident. So, not only do these students get to be exposed to the life of a typical high school student, but they also get to see what home life is like in the typical home of a native of the country. When an exchange student lives in another family’s home, that exchange student’s family is responsible for sending some money to help with the expenses.

Even though the name would suggest that families actually exchange their students with each other that is not the case. Most exchange students do not actually stay at the homes of students who are visiting their respective countries. In the USA, host families must apply, undergo background checks, and attend training programs before they are even considered to be host families. Then, the host families who are selected get to choose an exchange student who would be fit with their family.

Collegiate Programs

Foreign exchange programs are not the only opportunities for foreign students to study in the USA. There are also programs at the collegiate level. The United States does provide visas to students in other countries who wish to attend a college or university. You must apply for a student visa and be able to pay for your own school. You also must intend to return to your homeland after you have finished your education. You can only study at the university or college to which you originally applied and you must have strong homeland connections, so you want to return home.

Often, foreign college graduates are invited to stay in the United States, especially if they are tops in the field. This would mean that the foreign graduates would need to apply for a temporary work visa. It is always a good idea to apply for any type of United States visa sooner rather than later.

Short Programs

There are also smaller opportunities for foreign students to study in the USA. Some high schools and colleges have programs that a month or less for foreign students to visit and attend classes as guests. These are more about studying the culture, rather than the courses at the schools.


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