Scope for International Students in Canada

Canada is revered as one of the best places to pursue formidable academic excellence in the world.  Every year, over five thousand students from across the world come to Canada to pursue their academic interests in various courses of study.

The advantages of studying in Canada are multiple; one of them is that you will enjoy a valuable Canadian work experience both during and after your program. There are also great immigration options for foreign students that have completed their tertiary education programs.

Renewing Your Study Permit/visa

If you will be staying longer than expected, feel free to renew your study permit and Visa. Make sure you re-apply before the current one expires.

Work in Canada During and After Your Studies

You are eligible to work in Canada both during and after your graduation. Working in Canada can create opportunities for you; allowing you to build good business relationships for the future, enjoy the Canadian work experience, and can also serve as a source of income.

Working on Campus

Students with valid study permits can work in the institutions they attend or private companies situated within the campus without any work permit.

Working off Campus

To work off campus, you don’t need to apply again for a work permit, because the study permit guarantees you to work outside the campus. The majority of employers are already aware of this new development. You have the right to work in any firm that might require your services.

Co-op and Internship Programs

International students engaged in co-op or internship programs are expected to obtain a work permit and study permit.

To work on this platform, you must show that the work is required to complete your program of study. The employer might require you to provide a letter from your institution or a copy of your school’s academic curriculum.

Finally, the work experience shouldn’t be more than 50% of your overall program of study.

Working After Graduation

Working in Canada gives you the privilege of gaining valuable work experience in this great country. Upon your graduation, feel free to apply for work within 90 days of the school’s confirmation of your completion of studies.

Staying in Canada Permanently

You can apply for permanent residency if you have worked for a certain period of time. There are many ways to apply for this, and unlike many countries, you don’t need to leave Canada.

Canadian Experience Class

They make it convenient for any foreign student to apply for permanent residency in the country. If you have graduated from a tertiary institution in the country, you are expected to gain at least one year of valuable experience in professional, managerial, trade, or technical occupations before you can apply.

The Federal Skilled Worker Program

If you meet the current eligibility criteria of Canada’s Labour Market needs, then you can apply for it. Also, some Canadian provinces and territories have specific laws that empower them to nominate immigrants who have the relevant education, skills, and work experience required to meet their Labour market and economic needs. For example, States like Quebec maintain that the applicant must be willing to settle in their province.


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