Universities in Iraq

Iraq The Iraq’s ministry of Education is responsible for the education of her population. It monitors the work of universities. Over 20% of her annual budget goes to the education sector. They are also the agency responsible for the sponsorship of Iraqi students to UK, USA, and other countries of the world. They have consulates in those countries as well. There are 19 state-run universities and 10 private universities. 94,700 is the overall number of foreign students in the tertiary institutions. 46% of Iraqi population are literate, have at least a university degree or diploma. There are job opportunities in construction companies and in the education sector for fresh graduates.

Top 3 Universities of Iraq

Following is a list of 3 top universities in Iraq ranked during 2023. Click on a university to find its detailed information.

List of Universities in Iraq

There are 23 universities found in Iraq. Click on a university from the following list to find its detailed information.