Universities in Iraq

Iraq Iraq is a country located in Western Asia, bordered by Turkey, Iran, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Syria. Iraq's higher education system has been affected by years of conflict and instability. Despite these challenges, the country has made efforts to rebuild and improve its education system in recent years. Iraq has a large number of universities and colleges, offering a range of programs in various fields. However, many of these institutions suffer from a lack of resources, outdated curriculums, and poor infrastructure. The country has a literacy rate of around 84%, and the government is working to increase access to education for all Iraqis. While there are limited opportunities for international students in Iraq, the country has been making efforts to attract more foreign students. Some Iraqi universities offer programs in English, and the government has implemented policies to support international students, such as simplified visa processes and scholarships. Overall, Iraq's higher education system is still facing challenges, but efforts are being made to improve the quality of education and increase opportunities for both Iraqi and international students.

Top 10 Universities of Iraq - 2024

Following is a list of the 10 top universities in Iraq ranked during 2024. Click on a university to find its detailed information.

List of Universities in Iraq

Following is a list of 127 universities in Iraq. Click on a university to find its detailed information.

Name City
Ahl Al Bayt University Karbala Karbala
Al Amarah University College Amarah
Al Ayen University Nasiriyah
Al Bayan University Baghdad
Al Esraa University College Baghdad
Al Farabi University College Baghdad
Al Farahidi University Baghdad
Al Furat Al Awsat Technical University Najaf
Al Hadba University College Mosul
Al Hadi University college Baghdad
Al Hikma University College Baghdad
Al Imam University College Balad
Al Iraqia University Baghdad
Al Kitab University Kirkuk
Al Kunooze University College Basrah
Al Kut University College Kut
Al Maaqal Private University Basrah
Al Maarif University College Ramadi
Al Manara College for Medical Sciences Amarah
Al Mansour University College Baghdad
Al Mustafa College University Baghdad
Al Mustaqbal University Hillah
Al Muthanna University Samawa
Al Nahrain University Baghdad
Al Nisour University College Baghdad
Al Noor University College Nineveh
Al Qadisiyah University Al Diwaniyah
Al Qalam University College Kirkuk
Al Qasim Green University Al-Qasim
Al Rafidain University College Baghdad
Al Rasheed University College Baghdad
Al Safwa University College Karbala
Al Turath University Al-Mansour, Baghdad
Al Yarmouk University College Baghdad
Al Zahrawi University College Karbala
Al-Imam Al-Azam University College Baghdad
Al-ma’moon University College Baghdad
Al-Zahraa University for Women Holy Karbala
Alhussain University College Karbala
AlKarkh University for Science Baghdad
American University of Iraq Baghdad Baghdad
American University of Iraq Sulaimani Sulaimani
American University of Kurdistan Duhok
Ashur University College Baghdad
Baghdad College for Economic Sciences University Baghdad
Baghdad College of Economic Sciences University Baghdad
Baghdad College of Medical Science Baghdad
Baghdad Medical Technical Institute Baghdad
Basrah University College of Science and Technology Basrah
Basrah University for Oil and Gas Basra
Bayan University Erbil
Bilad Al Rafidain University College Baqubah
Catholic University in Erbil Erbil
Charmo University Chamchamal
Cihan University Duhok Duhok
Cihan University Erbil Erbil
Cihan University of Sulaimaniya Sulaimaniya
Dijlah University College Baghdad
Diyala University Baquba
Duhok Polytechnic University Duhok
Elite University College Baghdad
Erbil Polytechnic University Erbil
Gilgamesh Ahliya University Baghdad
Hawler Medical University Arbil
Hilla University College Hillah
Ibn Sina University of Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences Baghdad
Imam Ja'afar Al Sadiq University Baghdad
International University of Erbil Erbil
Iraq University College Basrah
Islamic University Najaf Najaf
Jabir ibn Hayyan Medical University Najaf
Kirkuk University Kirkuk
Knowledge University Erbil
Komar University of Science and Technology Sulaymaniyah
Koya University Arbil
Kurdistan Technical Institute Sulaymaniyah
Lebanese French University Erbil
Madenat Alelem University College Baghdad
Mazaya University College Nasiriyah
Middle Technical University Baghdad
Misan University Amarah
National University of Science and Technology Iraq Nasiriyah
Nawroz University Duhok
Ninevah University Mosul
Northern Technical University Mosul
Osol Aldeen Private University College Baghdad
Qaiwan International University Sulaymaniyah
Salahaddin University - Hawler Runaki
Shatt Al Arab University College Basrah
Sheikh Tusi University College Najaf
Soran University Erbil
Southern Technical University Basrah
Sulaimani Polytechnic University Sulaymaniyah
The Islamic University, Baghdad Baghdad
The University of Mustansiriyah Baghdad
Tikrit University Tikrit
Tishk International University Erbil
University of Al Ameed Karbala
University of Alkafeel Najaf
University of Anbar Ramadi
University of Babylon Al Hillah
University of Baghdad Baghdad
University of Basrah Basrah
University of Dhi Qar Nasiriya
University of Dohuk Dohuk
University of Fallujah Baghdad
University of Garmian Kalar
University of Halabja Halabja
University of Hamdaniya Bartella, Mosul
University of Human Development Sulaymaniah
University of Information Technology & Communication Baghdad
University of Karbala Karbala
University of Kufa Najaf
University of Kurdistan Hawler Arbil
University of Kurdistan Hewler Erbil
University of Misan Amarah
University of Mosul Mosul
University of Raparin Ranya
University of Samarra Samarra
University of Sulaimani Sulaimani
University of Sumer Al-Rifai
University of Technology Baghdad
University of Telafer Telafer, Mosul
University of Warith Al Anbiyaa Karbala
University of Wasit Al Kut
University of Zakho Duhok
Uruk Private University Baghdad

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