Universities in Norway

Norway Norway is a beautiful Scandinavian country known for its fjords, mountains, and northern lights. It has a population of around 5.4 million and is renowned for its high standard of living, social welfare programs, and excellent education system. According to the Norwegian Centre for International Cooperation in Education, over 30,000 international students are currently studying in Norway, making up around 10% of the total student population. The majority of international students come from countries such as Germany, France, and the United States, with an increasing number of students from Asia, particularly China. Norwegian universities and university colleges offer over 2,000 programs taught in English, making it a popular destination for international students seeking higher education in Europe. Moreover, the Norwegian government provides various scholarship opportunities for international students, such as the Quota Scheme and Erasmus+, making it more accessible for students from different socio-economic backgrounds to pursue higher education in the country.

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