Universities in Senegal

Senegal Senegal’s system of higher education is standard than most of its African’s counterparts. Every citizen is given the privilege to go to learn, read and write. This is why the literacy level appreciates annually. Senegal possesses 7 public universities, and 3 private universities. There are about 806 foreign students only. 28.4% of her population are in the universities, while 20% has at least a university degree, or certificate from the tertiary institutions. When you graduate, fell free to look for job anywhere you can find across the country whether you are a citizen or a foreigner. Also, you don’t need a work permit.

Top 3 Universities of Senegal

Following is a list of 3 top universities in Senegal ranked during 2021. Click on a university to find its detailed information.

List of Universities in Senegal

There are 16 universities found in Senegal. Click on a university from the following list to find its detailed information.