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Colombia is a country in South America with a diverse and rapidly developing higher education system. With a population of over 50 million people, Colombia has more than 250 institutions of higher education, both public and private, offering a wide range of academic programs. The country has made significant progress in expanding access to education, with an enrollment rate of over 50% in higher education. Additionally, Colombia has a strong commitment to internationalization, welcoming students from all over the world to its universities. Colombian universities are known for their strengths in areas such as engineering, business, and agriculture, and many institutions have partnerships with international universities for joint research and exchange programs. Overall, the higher education system in Colombia is undergoing rapid growth and transformation, providing many opportunities for students seeking a quality education.

Top 10 Universities of Colombia - 2024

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List of Universities in Colombia

Following is a list of 92 universities in Colombia. Click on a university to find its detailed information.

Name City
Adventist University Corporation Medellín
Andean Region University Foundation Bogotá
Antonio José Camacho University Institute Cali
Antonio Nariño University Bogotá
Autonomous University of Bucaramanga Bucaramanga
Autonomous University of Colombia Bogotá
Autonomous University of Manizales Manizales
Autonomous University of the Caribbean Barranquilla
Autonomous University of the West Cali
Bolívar University of Fine Arts and Sciences Cartagena
Catholic University of Colombia Bogotá
Catholic University of Manizales Manizales
Catholic University of Pereira Pereira
Catholic University of the East Rionegro
Central University Bogotá
Central University of Valle del Cauca Tulua
CES University Medellín
Co-operative University of Colombia Bogotá
Costa University Corporation Barranquilla
EAFIT University Medellín
EAN University Bogotá
El Bosque University Bogotá
El Rosario University Bogotá
Esumer University Institute Medellín
Externado University of Colombia Bogotá
Francisco José de Caldas District University Bogotá
Free University of Colombia Bogotá
ICESI University Cali
INCCA University of Colombia Bogotá
Industrial University of Santander Bucaramanga
Javeriana University Bogotá
Jorge Tadeo Lozano University, Bogotá Bogotá
Juan N. Corpas University Foundation Bogotá
La Gran Colombia University Bogotá
Lasallista University Corporation Caldas
Latin American Autonomous University Medellín
Luis Amigó University Foundation Medellín
Manuela Beltrán University Bogotá
Mariana University Pasto
Metropolitan University Barranquilla
Minuto de Dios University Corporation Bogotá
National University of Colombia Bogotá
National University of Education Bogotá
Northern University Barranquilla
Nueva Granada Military University Bogotá
Pilot University of Colombia Bogotá
Pontificia Bolivariana University Medellín
Popular University of Cesar Valledupar
San Martín University Foundation Bogotá
Santander University Bucaramanga
Santo Tomás University Bucaramanga
Sergio Arboleda University Bogotá
Simón Bolívar University Barranquilla
Sinú University Monteria
South Colombian University Neiva
Technological University of Bolívar Cartagena de Indias
Technological University of Chocó Quibdo
Technological University of Pereira Pereira
Universidad Pedagógica y Tecnológica de Colombia Tunja
University College of Cundinamarca Bogotá
University Francisco de Paula Santander Cúcuta
University Institute of Envigado Envigado
University Institute of La Paz Barrancabermeja
University of America Bogotá
University of Antioquia Medellín
University of Applied and Environmental Sciences Bogotá
University of Boyacá Tunja
University of Caldas Manizales
University of Cartagena Cartagena
University of Cauca Popayán
University of Córdoba Montería
University of Cundinamarca Fusagasugá
University of Ibagué Ibague
University of La Guajira Riohacha
University of La Sabana Chía
University of La Salle Bogotá
University of Magdalena Santa Marta
University of Manizales Manizales
University of Medellín Medellín
University of Nariño Pasto
University of Pamplona Pamplona
University of Quindío Armenia
University of San Buenaventura Bogotá
University of Santiago de Cali Cali
University of Sucre Sincelejo
University of the Amazon Florencia
University of the Andes Bogotá
University of the Atlantic Barranquilla
University of the Pacific Buenaventura
University of the Plains Villavicencio
University of the Valley Cali
University of Tolima Ibague

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