Getting Higher Education in Ethiopia

Getting Higher Education in Ethiopia

Ethiopia has 42 public universities and more than 80 private universities that are known for quality education, inclusiveness, trained lecturers, well-equipped libraries and laboratories, and appealing environments. Addis Ababa University is continually ranking the #1 top university in Ethiopia. Universities like Addis Ababa, Bahir Dar, and Adama Science and Technology are recommended for students interested in engineering, architecture, and technology-related subjects. Jimma, Gondar, and Hawassa universities are recommended for medical students.

Choosing the right university is a difficult decision for students who are taking university entrance exams. The Ethiopian Ministry of Education prepares a form with the options of fields of study and universities. You can list your fields of interest and universities in the form based on priority. You need to get a good grade in the subjects relevant to your fields of interest. Because the ministry of Education will select a field for you based on your performance in this field and your total grades. There is higher competition in the Medicine field. So, it will be harder to get a chance in Medicine if you don't have an outstanding grade. However, there are better chances in other fields.

If you fear getting low grades and not fulfilling the requirements to get selected for your first choice, put your fields of interest in the first list and universities in the second or third list.

Besides public universities, there are many good private universities available for you to attend and continue your higher education. Some of the qualified private universities for science and engineering are Unity, St. Mary, AdamsRift Valley, etc. Hayat, Medco, Africa, Sante, and st. Lideta is good for nursing and medical students.


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