Universities in Ethiopia

Ethiopia To achieve social and economic development, Ethiopian government gives higher education to her citizens. Over 35% of the country’s budget goes to education. About 25% of her populations are currently in the tertiary institutions, and 46% of her population is literate. There are 83 private universities, and 42 public universities, and more than 35 institutes of higher learning. At the moment 16,305 foreign students are here. After graduation, both citizens and foreign students are entitled for work in the refineries, academic institutions, ministries, banking sector, construction companies, call centers, malls, hospitals, and so on. Feel free to look for work in your related discipline!

List of Universities in Ethiopia

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Ethiopia has 42 public universities and more than 80 private universities that are known for quality education, inclusiveness, trained lecturers, well-equipped libraries and laboratories, and appealing environments. Choosing the right university is a difficult decision for the students who are taking university entrance exams. The Ethiopian Ministry of Education prepares a form with the options of fields of study and universities. [Read More]