Universities in Belgium

Belgium Kingdom of Belgium is a founding member of the European Union. Education in Belgium has really strong position in both national and international scope. 42.6% of citizens are university graduates. Schools offer under and postgraduate studies in Flemish (Dutch), French and German Communities. There is a lot of study programs to choose from that are available to study in numerous public and private educational institutions. If you are student coming from EU country, only annual registration fee is needed to be paid. However people coming from outside of EU have different tuition terms. For international students, it is very important to know that there are many grants available, for example Erasmus, UNESCO, AUF and many times financial support that comes right from university itself. In Belgium, 8.2% of students who are attending tertiary education programs are not domestic but from other countries. Job opportunities for foreign graduates are almost as good as for Belgians.

Top 5 Universities of Belgium

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List of Universities in Belgium

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