Collège de Maisonneuve

Collège de Maisonneuve, located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, is a prominent public French-language college that offers a diverse range of pre-university, technical, and continuing education programs. Established in 1929, the college has a rich history of providing high-quality education and fostering a dynamic learning environment. The institution is committed to academic excellence, personal development, and community engagement, making it a popular choice for students seeking a comprehensive and enriching educational experience.

Prospective students at Collège de Maisonneuve can expect a supportive and stimulating atmosphere that encourages both academic and personal growth. The college boasts modern facilities, including well-equipped laboratories, advanced technology centers, extensive libraries, and comfortable study spaces. The campus is designed to facilitate a conducive learning environment, complemented by a wide range of student services and support programs that cater to the diverse needs of the student body.

One of the unique aspects of Collège de Maisonneuve is its strong emphasis on innovation and research. The college promotes an interdisciplinary approach to education, encouraging students to engage in projects that integrate different fields of study. This focus on innovation is supported by partnerships with industries, research institutions, and community organizations, providing students with valuable opportunities to gain practical experience and contribute to real-world solutions.

In addition to its academic offerings, Collège de Maisonneuve is dedicated to promoting cultural diversity and inclusivity. The college provides a welcoming environment for students from various backgrounds, offering numerous programs and initiatives aimed at fostering intercultural understanding and respect. This commitment to diversity enriches the educational experience and prepares students to thrive in a globalized world.

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University Name Collège de Maisonneuve
Year Established 1929
Governing Type Public
Student Body Co-education
Campus Type Urban


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Address 3800, rue Sherbrooke Est, Montreal, Quebec, Canada


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Phone +1 514-254-7131
Website Collège de Maisonneuve Website
Email Click here to send email
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