Continue Your Exploration: Page 7 of Higher Education Articles

This is the 7th of 8 pages dedicated to an extensive collection of articles with useful information for both local and international students seeking higher education. You can navigate to other pages for more articles with in-depth insights into various higher education topics. Click on an article from the list below to explore the details.

  • Scholarships in the USA for Higher Education

    The United States provides a wide range of high-quality academic options. There are more than four thousand accredited institutions which include universities, colleges, research universities, state universities, private colleges, specialized institutions, and community colleges. [Read More]

  • Summer School of Slavonic Languages

    From July 19 to August 16 2014 the Summer School of Slavonic Languages in Olomouc will be held. Summer School is designed for foreigners interested in the Czech language and other Slavonic languages of all ages and any level of knowledge of Czech. [Read More]

  • Top Countries in Europe for International Students

    European universities have an outstanding reputation and some universities are among the top 100 universities in the world. [Read More]

  • Admission and Visa Process to Study in Germany

    The German education system believes in top-quality research and study. Although most of the institutions here for higher education are provided funds by the state, education is subsided. The fees in German universities may range from 400-500 Euros per year for outsiders. The small fee structure may have the lowest of 170 Euros to a highest of 700 euros. [Read More]

  • Tips for International Students to Find and Apply to a University

    The entire process of admission starts when a student decides to go abroad for studies and chooses their field of interest. Standardized tests follow soon. These tests include TOEFL, GRE, IELTS, etc., now TOEFL and GRE being the important tests considering their significance at universities abroad. [Read More]

  • Higher Studies in Europe

    Students from outer countries can have Europe at the top of their list of countries. Europe can provide students with excellent and firsthand knowledge. The countries here can make a great career out of the exciting educational opportunities that are prominent and the ones which are being developed. [Read More]

  • Opportunities for Foreign Students to Study in the UK

    UK colleges and universities are constantly evaluated by highly professional bodies to make sure that the research, teaching, and facilities provided are of the highest standards. More specifically to the point, UK graduate studies teach international students a way of independent thinking, creativity with ideas, and most important to teach 'thinking out of the box'. [Read More]

  • How to Get Scholarships in USA Universities

    The scholarships are made available according to your parent's financial status and their respective held assets. They cannot be completely given by your achievements and college financial aid. Therefore if your parents are not financially strong enough to give you a chance to get an abroad scholarship in the US, then it becomes difficult for you to achieve that dream. But there are many other provisions or schemes or we can also say plans that can surely help you grab a good scholarship in USA. [Read More]

  • Tips for International Students to Prepare for Visa Interview

    For most students who are planning to travel abroad for a student visa interview is a nightmare. But nothing is impossible. You just have to make sure of a few things before appearing for a visa interview. Never let the officer know that you have any plans to work there or settle there. Your answers should reflect clarity and truthfulness. Convince the visa officer that your intention is not staying there but you have family liabilities in your home country. [Read More]

  • Top Universities in Canada for International Students

    Canada boasts some of the top universities in the world. They have a level of quality and reputation. Canada has a range of universities, institutions, institutions for technology and advanced learning, and colleges of arts. These colleges have a high degree of qualifications. [Read More]