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  • Tuition Fees and Living Expenses for Foreign Students in Canada

    Tertiary education in Canada is not free, especially for international students, but it is affordable compared to the United States, United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Australia. The average undergraduate foreign student pays C$11,903 annually. [Read More]

  • Part-time and Full-time Work Opportunities for Foreign Students in Canada

    There are myriads of work permit programs for foreign students. Working in Canada as an international student can open doors of opportunities for the future. International students can work 20 hours a week during academic sessions and full-time or 40 hours during vacation or scheduled breaks such as winter, summer, and spring breaks. [Read More]

  • Health insurance for foreign students in Canada

    The type of health insurance you will get will depend mainly on the province you are going. Every province has its own healthcare rules and eligibility requirements for residents. So, your duty as an international student is to know the healthcare requirements of the area you intend going, this will help you to apply for the suitable one. [Read More]

  • Scope for International Students in Canada

    The advantages of studying in Canada are multiple; one of them is that you will enjoy a valuable Canadian work experience both during and after your program. There are also great immigration options for foreign students that have completed their tertiary education programs. [Read More]

  • Changes to International Student Program from June 1, 2014

    New rules for international students have been established in Canada's education system. This is aimed at protecting the country's global academic reputation and minimizing the potential for misuse or fraud of the program. The new rule took effect on June 1, 2014. [Read More]

  • Opportunities in Malaysia for International Students

    Irrespective of what you are studying, or the duration of your degree, you will gain lots of facilities in your chosen institution. This includes an extensive library, convenience stores, 24- hour computer access, state-of-the-art laboratories, a sports complex, a fitness center, a café, a bookshop, tennis courts, a swimming pool, a health center, a student Association complex, and so on. [Read More]

  • Scholarships in the UK for Foreign Students

    The main and safest way foreign students can meet their academic costs is by gaining scholarships. This has been given a lot of names like bursaries, grants, awards, sponsorship, etc. but they perform one essential duty, pay all or part of the cost of your studies. Studying in the UK is a noble experience. [Read More]

  • Opportunities in the Philippines for International Students

    Every year, over twenty-five thousand foreigners study in the Philippines says the Bureau of Immigration. If you are really looking for a place to get academic excellence, then coming to this noble country would be a better idea. [Read More]

  • Scholarships in Spain for Higher Education

    Scholarships, grants, bursaries, loans, trust funds, fraternal organizations, religious organizations, and awards come from a lot of sources including colleges, institutions of learning, and State and Federal governments. Candidates must satisfy certain criteria, which include you ought to be at least 18 years old. Submit two academic/professional references. Show proof of Spanish knowledge, both beginner and advanced. [Read More]

  • Scholarships in Italy for Higher Education

    All foreign students receive the same equal rights as Italian students, both on the basis of student loans, scholarships, sports, extracurricular activities, grants, bursaries, counseling, fee waivers, refectory meal tickets, and housing assistance. [Read More]