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United Kingdom UK is a cosmopolitan country, which provides world-class education and has unique culture and fabulous nature. There are 116 universities and other 166 higher education institutions providing under and post-graduate level studies. According to statistics, 45.8% of UK citizens have completed tertiary education. Most of the schools are not for free, but have set high tuition fees. However, this depends on many factors. Academic fees are generally even higher for international students whose rate is 16.8% in the UK. Students from foreign countries have opportunity to receive financial help and grants from governments, charities or other organisations (e.g. Erasmus Scholarships, Royal Society grants).

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The main and safest ways foreign students can meet their academic costs is through gaining scholarships. This has been given a lot of names like bursaries, grants, awards, sponsorship etc. but they perform one essential duty, pay all or part of the cost of your studies. Studying in UK is a noble experience. [Read More]
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